Crayee classic: A How-To…

Crayee is a pure silicate chalk paint, which produces a unique “Shabby Chic look” that cannot be achieved with acrylic paint. It only takes a short while to adapt to the characteristics of the original silicate chalk paint and it really is worth it to take this paint out for a spin! The matt and powdery look of Crayee is without equal! Lacquer is a thing of the past – now the hobbyist’s fortune is called Crayee.

Below we’ll outline how to achieve just one of several looks with Crayee in the blink of an eye.

Have fun!

Classic (Difficulty: Very Easy)

What you need:

  • 1 Crayee paint of your choice
  • Crayee white
  • Crayee Wax or Sealant as finish
  • 1 regular brush (wide enough for the surface)
  • 1 sanding block or grinding sponge medium/fine
  • 1 dust brush
  • paper towel

How’s it done?

The surface you wish to treat has to be clean and free of dust. After a potential cleaning of the surface, let dry completely before further treatment.

Use the brush to paint the entire surface with the darker paint. In our example we used Crayee – Base 02. Let dry very well.

Now paint the entire surface with Crayee white. Let dry again.

Use the sanding block to sand pant off until the darker paint emerges or until the desired effect is achieved. For example, you could have the wood peak through in some spots. For bigger pieces of furniture, that are not just sanded around the corners, using an electric triangle sander comes recommended.

Small Hint: If you wish to avoid sanding down to the wood at some spots at all costs, rub a candle on the spots after the first coat. This causes the sand paper to “slip off” and keeps the coat of paint in tact. Thoroughly remove the sanding dust using a dust brush.

To finish apply the wax as protection against dirt. As the consistency of the wax is close to shoe cream you can use a paper towel to apply it. You could also use a sponge or brush. To increase the gloss use transparent Crayee wax nach polish after drying using a soft rag.

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