Parquet Floor: How to care for them correctly

Maintenance Cleaning

Always vacuum or sweep your floor first to remove loose dirt and sand (abrasion)! Freshly oiled or painted surfaces should only be vacuumed or sweeped during the first 8 days of painting (the oils in new floors need a few days to harden).

Maintenance Cleaning should occur when needed, simply add approximately 10 – 100 ml in a 10 liter bucket filled with clear water and wipe damp. Collect using a wrung out cloth. Attention: Too much moisture could cause swelling!
Never use detergent that contains solvents or a scouring agent. It could damage the surface of your floor!

Continued Maintenance

The surface has to be cleaned beforehand. For continued maintenance put 30 – 50 ml of Parquet Care Matt or Parquet Care Gloss in a 10 liter bucket filled with water and wipe damp. One liter of Parquet Care is enough for approximatly 20 care cycles and more.

To achieve a more pronounced care effect on oiled floors you can apply Parquet Care undiluted or only slightly diluted. Generally we recommend initial care with undiluted Parquet Care after approximately 10 – 14 days. For this purpose thinly apply it undiluted or slightly diluted with water using an absorbent cloth (no microfiber!). When applying undiluted, polish afterwards. The gloss effect can be reduced by adding water or increased by polishing.

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