Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s… and now us!!! PNZ becomes certified B-corporation

I consider it a challenge… and I ain‘t going to lose…“.

The old Queen song is just about how we feel about climate change and the challenges that for the first time in history all societies face together. Most of what we do is small in global terms – from local raw material to treating 40 employees with respect and responsibility. But nevertheless we have to do our best. That’s why we decided to seek certification, not so much as a reward but as inspiration to become better (and better we became through the certification process).

We are pleased to announce we have just been certified and recognised as member in one of the most demanding and exclusive clubs for sustainability in business: B corporation.

Our certification

Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. As such, B Corporations try their best to use the power of business as a force for good. By now, over 2,900 companies from 60 countries and 130 industries are part of this global network. Well known B Corporations include Patagonia, Kickstarter and Ben&Jerry’s.

And as the first paint company in Germany (and second in the world) we are frankly a little bit proud that all the efforts – that so often seemed so much for a 40 people company – were recognised. We will not stop here but keep on rocking as good as we can.

Our results in detail:

We have also committed to the further improvement process about which we are going to write more subsequently.

But for today it’s

If you are looking into B Corporation certification yourself, we are happy to share our insights. Please contact:

Dr. Marcel Pietsch: mpk (at)

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