A matter close to our heart

This blog is run by PNZ staff from Kipfenberg in the Altmühltal. We are around 45 specialsts for organic wood preservers, which we produce and ship as sustainibly as possible. Of course we want to generate some buzz around us and our products, but that is only half the story.

We have been active in the field of sustainability for 40 years now and it has long become a matter close to our heart. And sometimes we wonder what the future will look like. We believe that we can preserve the beauty of our world with reason and logic. No person or business can achieve this on their own, but it is possible if everyone contributes as much as they can.

This is why you’ll find stories about preserving the environment that engage us and we’d like to share with you, alongside tutorials for our products, current projects and news about the company.

We’d love there to be a dialouge about these topics. Please do not hesitate to use the comment function below the posts. We’ll answer gladly.

We’d like to introduce our company philosophy to you, so you can understand what drives us:

Sustainable. Regional. Good.

Highest quality, to beautify your life.

We are one of the leading European manufacturers of wood care and wood protection products based on renwable resources. Not only do we take meticulous care that our products meet highest quality standards, we also know no compromise when it comes to putting our customers first. This is why we develop products that are both safe and easy to handle and provide a fantastic look. To turn your living space into a feel-good experience.

Sustainability is the best environmental protection.

PNZ-Produkte GmbH is aware of the various ways it affects the enviornment. Based on the company philosophy it is in our own best interest to keep our global footprint as small as possible. Uur responsibility starts at product development and the purchasing of mostly regional raw materials, goes on to include production and shipping and concludes with application and use of surfaces treated with our products. Everyday we strive to combine envrionmentally compatible products with high user quality, in such a way that you can enjoy your timber for a long time.

Warranted and certified.

Naturally, we are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. But this is not enough to satisfy us. As one of a very select few of medium sized businesses, we are also tested and certified in accordacne with the environmental standarad DIN ISO 14001. In Co-operation with the internation Climate Neutral Group we take great care that our producton and logistic are CO2-neutral. And naturally, we have our products tested and registered individually. Depending on the field of applicaton we have it tested by the Institut für Baubiologie (IBR) in Rosenheim, for example, or according to the principles of the DiBt, the EU or other internation standards and regulations. So you can be certain that our products are exactly what you are looking for.

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