A most sustainable oil

When we talk about oil, we do not think about cold pressed olive oil, Cliff Barnes or even the Alberta tar sands.

We think about beautification and protection of wood. A 100% oil product, made entirely with regional, renewable resources and – this is the hardest part – using high quality resources that would otherwise be disposed of. A product that is easy to use and doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. This is what we mean when we say sustainability and we wanted to develop a flagship product for this purpose – and now it’s here:

The PNZ Oil

100% natural, quality without compromise. The perfect oil for floors and all wood surfaces.

Suitable for:

  • Wood kitchen- and work surfaces
  • Wood floors
  • All other wood surfaces that are to have a natural finish


  • Apply sparingly – polish – done!
  • Use brush or cloth to apply. Make sure the oil is spread across the entire surface. But as always with open-pore coats: less is more!
  • Carefully polish afterwards (for floors using a single disc machine is best, smaller surfaces should be carefully polished with a lint-free cloth)
  • Afterwards the surface can be used and walked on immediately. Just take care to avoid water and other stains. And don’t let cats pounce around on it…

The PNZ Oil:

  • 100% sustainable raw materials and production. For example, local rapeseed oil (from the Altmühltal) and sugar cane wax (residual product from sugar production), of course all with CO2-neutral production
  • Superb resistance against all common stress in the household
  • Percentage of renwable resources: 96%
  • Application by machine or hand (cloth, brush)
  • Apply, polish: can be stacked immediately
  • Naturally, free of cobalt and oximes

And here in detail:

The result of our research, 12 differnt types of oil, more than 100 binder combinations, more than 1.000 attempts. The result of this two year long research is the newest member of our evolution family: The PNZ Oil, a 100% oil prodcut made with 96% renewable resources. It was developed for superb resistances and it surpasses all open-pore products on the market we know by a country mile.


  • Outstanding oil for floors and wood surfaces
  • Supplements your efficiency: apply, polish, done!
  • Very low consumption (ca. 20 gramms per m²)

Suitable kinds of Wood

  • Any kinds of softwood and hardwood indoors
  • Laminate, such as MDF, HDF, etc.

Way of Application

  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Cloth
  • Polish to finish

Technical Data

  • Consumption: About 20g / m²
  • Natural look and feel
  • Pigments can be added
  • Noticebly more durable than other natural oils (i.e. linseed oil)

Further information

For further information, do not hesistate to write a comment down below.

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