More sustainability than ever before: Countertop Cream evolution

There was an idea to create an easy to apply, beeswax-based cream for preserving wood countertops, without solvents and with quality to rival some cosmetics. This is why last year we developed Countertop Cream evolution.

But we say: after product development is before product development!

One ingredient of the original Countertop Cream was montan wax, which has a technical origin, we needed it to achieve some technical characteristics. But we kept thinking about this topic and during our research with rapeseed oil we realized we could achieve the same quality by creating a completely new formulatoin. And the result is:

The new Countertop Cream evolution!

Contains more than 88% rapeseed oil from regional production, 30km from Kipfenberg. Furthermore it contains beeswax and sugar cane wax (a really interesting ingredient, which will get its own article in due time). And we’ll continue to improve the product characteristics even further.

100% regional, natural raw materials, more sustainability than ever before.

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