Colorful wood accents in green Oases

The natural beauty of a well-kept garden can be highlighted by elegantly integrating furniture. A colorful and high-contrast concept would be very welcome. A strong red or an incandescent white can turn a suite, a tree swing or a wooden sun lounger into and eye-catcher in your homely paradise. And if it’s environemntally friendly and safe for children and pets, all the better.

Responsible and efficient, yet ecological, that is our approach to wood preservation. Among other things we offer solvent-free and non-toxic Color Oils in 15 different colors for creative designs indoors and outdoors. With these high-yield long-term preservers one coat is enough for a lasting coloration.

The oil-based PNZ Wood Varnish is also solvent-free and non-toxic and available in 38 colors, some transparent, some opaque. All available color variations are highly water-repellent, UV-resistant and guarantee resistance against saliva and perspiration and provide safety for treated childrens’s toys in accordance with EN 71 and DIN 53160 just like PNZ Color Oil. This means PNZ Wood Varnish can be used for playhouses, flower boxes, beehives and rabbit hutches without worry.

To protect softwood against blue stain, rot and fungal infections, a prior treatment with the transparent and solvent-free PNZ Impregnation Primer comes recommended. This treatment produces a water-resistant, moisture-regulating and swelling resistant coat that penetrates deeply into the wood and provides ecological protection.

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