Garden Furniture: Tutorial for proper care

Preparing the surface

To smooth out uneveness and remove coarse dirt use a pad to sand along the wood grain. This increases the absorbency of the wood. Then dust down the garden furniture carefully and wet the wood. Afterwards evenly apply the Garden Wood Cleaner to the wet wood. Stubborn dirt can now be removed by using the pad, wear the included gloves during this process. Let take effect for about 10 minutes and then rinse off the Garden Wood Cleaner with plenty of water. The wood has to be dry to treat with Garden Furniture Oil, we recommend drying for 24 hours.

Protection with Garden Furniture Oil

Now thinly and evenly apply your Garden Furniture Oil without excess using the includes brush. Also wear gloves during this process. Give the oil a moment before starting to rub it along the wood grain using the dust-free black pad. This produces an especially smooth surface, which is especially desirable for sun loungers and seating furniture.

Perfect Protection with a second coat

To achieve a perfect result, apply a second coat after 12 hours of drying. You can roughen the initial coat of Garden Furniture Oil using the black pad to increase adherence and smooth out rough spots. Should you ever have an excess of oil, simply use the included lint-free cloth to quickly collect it. After drying over night your garden furniture is ready to be used.

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