General Strike? Yes, please.

Fridays For Future
General Strike on 20.09.2019
We support the concerns of Fridays for Future.
We’ll be closed on this day, to show our solidarity

“…Us children and young adults had to assert that we don’t have a choice: Years have gone by with nothing but talk, with countless negotiations with useless arrangements for climate change. Companies that extract fossil fuels have been allowed to dig through our soil and burn down our future unopposed. Politicians have known about climate change for years. They willingly gave up their responsibility for our future to profiteers whose pursuit of fast money endangers our existence.

We now understand: If we don’t start to stand up for our future, no one else will make the first step. We ourselves are the ones we have waited for…”

With this appeal published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung from 23.05.2019 Greta Thunberg, Luisa Neubauer and activists from “Fridays for Future” have called for a general strike week for action against climate change on

Friday the 20th of September 2019.

We support this appeal that is concerned with one of the three great challenges of humanity’s future (the other two being AI and genetic engineering).

“Either CO2 emissions are reduced dramatically by 2030 or the world is doomed.”

We can’t know if this theorem of the Fridays for Future movement is correct. We summarized the known facts about climate change in another post. Everything else is a model calculation or progonses that are shared by the majority of the scientific community. BUT: in our mind it is the right of the young to be terrified. Analagous to the movement of 68: the legacy nazis hadn’t helped with the renewal fo the Federal Republic of Germany. You need a youth movement to propagate societal change.

We are decidedly against the stance of the FDP, in particular the stance of their leader Christian Lindner, “leave it to the experts”. Not because we think amateurs should be in charge of the fate of humanity, but rather because the generation 50+ hasn’t delivered in the fight against climate change. And this also (and especially) includes the politicians of many parties in Germany.

And we are not of the opinion that politicans alone are to blame. They did what we, the people, wanted from them in many elections, “protect our lifestyle”. Implementing the smallest possible changes, not dramatic ones.

But now the time for this mindset has expired! Our company will be closed on friday the 20th of September to support the appeal of Fridays for Future. We encourage other companies to do the same.

PS: We will not be working on this day and thus not generate any turnover. However, we will donate 100% of the order value we get form our online shop on this day to the Fridays for Future movement. We know this is just a small step, but more will follow.

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