Terrace: How do I correctly take care of it?

Important: Weathering!

The wood of a freshly installed terrace should be weathered for about 4 to 6 weeks. This way water-soluble wood components can wash out, the wood surface opens up and the oil is more easily absorbed.

Removing the graying from the terrace:

After weathering, remove the major dirt with a broom, then wet the terrace thoroughly with clear water and carefully apply Wood Color Restorer (which can be diluted with water up to a ratio of 1:5) with the included brush and let take effect for approximately 15 minutes. Wear the gloves included in the care set when handling Wood Color Restorer. Use the included scrubbing brush to remove both the Wood Color Restorer and the dirt. Then use a hose to wash off the rest alongside the grain and down the slope.

Protection with Deck Oil

You can apply the first, thin layer of oil 24 hours after removing the graying. Thoroughly stir up the pigments in the oil and use the included brush to thinly and evenly apply the oil wihtout excess. For a perfect result, apply a second coat after 12 hours of drying. Should you ever have any excess oil on the terrace, just take the included lint-free cloth and collect it. The terrace is ready to be walked on after drying over night.

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