The New Product Certifications are in: Naturally, 15 out of 15

We have our products regularily tested and certified by external specialized institutes. For example, the Institut für Baubiologie in Rosenheim (Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim, IBR). This time we had 15 old and new products tested and the results are in: every single product achieved the rigorous standards of the IBR. We don’t just show the certificates, but also the detailed test results…so you can make up your own mind.

The stated goal of the IBR is to mark environenmentally friendly construction products for healthy living with the seal of approval “GEPRÜFT UND EMPFOHLEN VOM IBR” (Tested and recommended by the IBR). At the heart of the seal of approval lies a holistic method of approach. In addition to the tests designed to gauge the possible physiological effects of the products on humans and/or the environment the test also includes wether the product puts no or tolerable strain on the environemnt during production, applicaton, use or reintegration into the ecological cycle. For further deails check the IBR Homepage.

Hier das Prüfergebnis für die „Neuen“

Hier das Zertifikat für die „Bio-Serie“

And because transparency is very important to us we have attached the complete, original test result:

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