Effective wood preserving, free of lead, cobalt and oximes

“Evolution” is the name of the a new generation of products from PNZ that strengthens and beautifies natural wood surfaces indoors. For example, the manufacturer from Kipfenberg abstains from using cobalt or oximes in its new Countertop Oil, Hardwax Oil and Object Oil. Thanks to deep penetration this trio, which are also highly resistant against food stains, provides high water- and dirt-repellent surfaces. For this purpose the formulation includes sustainable ingredients, like natural waxes, for example refined soybean- and sunflower oil. The product line is now available at hardware stores and online- and specialised retailers.

Hardwax Oil evolution
The name captures the spirit of the vision for the new Hardwax Oil evolution from PNZ. It provides effective protection for high-stress surfaces made of wood, cork, OSB boards or glued laminated timber and even damp areas indoors. No matter if floor or furniture, bathroom, kitchen, living- or workspace – the treated surfaces are not only proven to be highly water-repellent, but also resistant against household chemicals and food stuff. Our Oil is resistant against saliva, suitable for use on children’s toys and thus can be used without hesitation in sensitive places for example, day-care centers, schools, nursing homes and more. Available in 4 gloss levels, from matt to glossy.

The list of ingredients mostly consists of refined natural waxes, such as soybean- and sunflower oil, supplemented with among other things microcrystalline waxes, non-hazardous isoaliphates, as well as lead- and cobalt-free drying agents. PNZ abstains completely from using oximes as antioxidants to prevent skin formation and thus Hardwax Oil evolution offers a healthy and user-friendly product solution for application by hand or machine. Nice plus: For a stylish care experience no polishing is required after appyling with brush, roller, pad or whitewash brush.

2.5 liters for up to 62 m² (when applied twice)
10 liters for up to 250 m² (when applied twice)
30 liters for up to 750 m² (when applied twice)

Object Oil evolution
The new Object Oil from the evolution series beautifies ans protects any strained furniture surfaces and floors made from raw or leached hard- and softwood. It is available in transparent, black, white and 6 other wood tones. Wether for initial treatment or a refresher later on, apply wet-on-wet until the oil covers the entire treated surface and no more oil is absorbed. After collecting the excess liquid with a paint scraper or a squeegee, rub in the residue with a pad by hand or machine. After drying for approximately 12 hours polish one last time by hand using a 400 mm pad for a successful finish. Let dry for at least three days and make sure the freshly treated surface does not come in contact with water. Waiting this long pays off, the result is visually pleasing, has a pleasent fragrance of healthy natural oils and waxes and is highly moisture-repellent. The manufacturer can be proud of themselves, as Object Oil evolution does not use drying agents that contain lead or cobalt, or oximes to prevent skin formation.

0.75 liters for up to 11.25 m²
2.5 liters for up to 37.50 m²
10 liters for up to 150 m²
30 liters for up to 450 m²

Stone Pine

Countertop Oil evolution
The new, transparent Countertop Oil evolution completes the evolution Trio from PNZ. You can use it to effectively treat leached and raw wood indoors and bolster their resistance against water, wine, coffee, tea and other liquids. Refined ingredients on the basis of soybean- and sunflower oil, as well as natural waxes are supplemented by, among other things, lead-, cobalt- and oxime-free drying agents. This is a boon for respective allergics. Application is quick and easy to handle: Apply the oil with using a roller or brush wet-on-wet to the dry wood and and keep applying until oil remains on the surface and is no longer absorbed by the wood. Use a cotton cloth to collect the excess oil and polish after at least 24 hours of drying to highlight the natural grain of the wood.

0.25 liters for up to 3.75 m²
0.75 liters for up to 11.25 m²
2.5 liters for up to 37.50 m²
10 liters for up to 150 m²
30 liters for pu to 450 m²

Characteristics of all evolution products

  • Suitable for children’s toys in accordance with DIN EN 71-3
  • Resistant against saliva and perspiration in accordance with DIN 53160
  • Certified construction product in accordance with DIBt tenets (German Institute for Construction, Berlin )
  • No danger of self-combustion for wet textiles (soaked cloth, etc.)
  • High mechanical load capacity
  • Abrasion- and scratch-resistant
  • Resistant against chemicals
  • anti-static
  • water-repellent
  • moisture regulating
  • based on natural and renewable raw materials
  • Without cobalt, oxime or lead
  • high penetration of the wood
  • polishable
  • minimizes yellowing

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