It is perfect, when it looks easy afterwards…

A new oil, as sustainable as possible: without compromises in durability and appearance. That can be applied industrially. And from renewable raw materials and – the supreme discipline – if possible using residual materials. This is how we understand real sustainability – we wanted to develop a flagship product and now it’s there:

Our new industrial hard oil evolution is 100% nature in professional quality. The perfect oil for floors and wooden surfaces.

  • 100% sustainable with local rapeseed oil (from Altmühltal) and sugar cane wax (residue from sugar production)
  • Exceptional resistance to all common household loads
  • Over 96% share of renewable raw materials
  • Application industrial (roller application) and manual (cloth, brush)
  • Apply, polish: stackable immediately
  • Naturally cobalt-free and oxime free

The details:

The result of a long-term effort: 12 different oil types, over 100 resin combinations, more than 1,000 trials. The result of this research over a period of 2 years is the newest member of our evolution family: the industrial hard oil evolution, a 100% oil with over 96% regrowing raw materials content. Developed for outstanding durability, the oil surpasses all known 100% products on the market… we think by far actually…


  • Outstanding oil for floors and wooden surfaces
  • Supports your manufacturing efficiency: apply, polish, stackable!
  • Supports your sustainability strategy
  • Very low consumption

For which wood types

  • All hard and soft wood interior
  • Laminates such as MDF, HDF, etc.
  • Various composites


  • roller application
  • painting
  • cloth
  • Finally: Polishing, done!

Technical data

  • Consumption: ca. 20g / m^2
  • Character: medium to high viscosity (70-130 sec DIN 4)
  • Density: 0,94 g/cm^3
  • Natural look + natural touch
  • Can be used with colorants
  • Much more durable than lineseed derivates or other 100% oils

Further information

For further inquiries please contact our development engineer Mrs. Brigitte Baudisch (, phone +49.8465/1738-0)

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