Find me a star on the boulevard…

… it’s Californication… Reknown flooring designer Kian ( has teamed up with PNZ to provide California and international markets with flooring designs that are breathtaking, sustainable and work perfectly in private and industrial applications.

Meet Kian. He discovered the endless possibilities of finishes, chemical treatments, paints and textures that could be applied to wood and he became so captivated by the techniques that created looks that he had never seen achieved before. From that day to this, he has spent his entire career developing one masterpiece after another.


Today, Kian has become known as one of the top flooring designers in the hardwood flooring industry. With his own manufacturing in North America and Asia, servicing a global market with ever changing demands is an initiative that is attainable. At the same time, custom work for discerning designers and owners is a sustaining passion for Kian. The floors you will see on this web site are a few of the thousands of designs Kian has created for custom projects, idea galleries and for relative architectural and interior design styles.

PNZ is one of the leading manufacturers for sustainable professional wood coatings. Made in Bavaria, Germany, the products are made from regrowing raw materials, mostly local, and manufactured CO2-neutrally in the sustainability factory that has been awarded with numerous certifications and recognitions worldwide.

PNZ and Kian

Together, Kian and PNZ bring a wholly new segment to the US market: sustainably manufactured professional wood treatment: from oils to cleaners, silicate and reactive stain technology. See a few examples here:

For further information please contact Kian @ +1 9492322518 or

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