3 steps to your own „Premium Private Label“ by PNZ

Your brand is probably the most important thing you have. Maintaining, protecting and developing it is the most important task – or to put it another way:

Your brand is your identity.

The positioning of a private label must answer three fundamental questions:

  • Your name is on the can, what quality level should the product have? The classic private label as “cheap & awful” is forbidden for all those who do not run a 99-Cent-Shop. We believe that your name should not be associated with ordinary quality. That’s why we were the first to make premium private labels and we’ve been doing it with uncompromising conviction ever since. The products of your brand should be the best on the shelf!
  • Does your corporate identity convey your brand message? The analogous consideration applies to the design. A 99-cent-shop may (and should) look exactly like a 99-cent-shop. We, on the other hand, make our… apologies your… products exactly as you want them to appear. In your design and with your value proposition.
  • Stationary or digital? Seven years ago, that was even an alternative. Today the situation is quite clear: “Digital” is a sales channel of its own, which you have to look after with the same care and dedication as the shelf. At the point-of-sale it must be attractive for the customer. And since we as a company are fully digitalized ourselves, we also make our data available for your application, both stationary and digital.

3 steps towards your private label

Step 1: Product range design: flexible and systematic

We build your tailor-made range, in line with your brand. We focus on goods that spend little time in the warehouse: Fast-moving concepts and an efficient online connection at the point of sale for your supplementary products. Our Premium Private Label range includes more than 350 products in a wide variety of colours and containers. Oils, waxes, glazes, silicate paints, cleaners and much more, all developed and produced by PNZ. We use the latest technologies for a healthy living environment. And don’t worry: our Private Label range not only consists of PNZ products with different labels, on the contrary: most of our recipes are only produced for our Premium Private Label customers.

We want to fulfil as many of your wishes as possible. With our systematic project approach you can be both: individual and fast!

Premium Private Label: a flexible and structured approach

Step 2: We implement your product range in your corporate identity

Our in-house design department will realize your ideas – from the first idea to product labels, flyers, advertising material, toppers and displays according to your CI specifications. International logistics in every country, comprehensive service in the areas of consulting, premium ordering and delivery complete our offer. For your strong brand.

Step 3: We accompany you in the digital world

We are at home in the digital age. From the fully digitalized management of all relevant data to our in-house IT department. We are always connected – dynamic PIM data is just as much a part of it as the connection to your internal and external platforms, all EDIFACT modules and your online shops to our logistics. Our social media service is present on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many more.


  • Over 350 products in proven PNZ quality
  • in the appearance of your company
  • Package design and design of various advertising media
  • International Logistics
  • Digital connection to your online shop
  • social media service

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